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Daisy, "The Brains"
I enjoy barking at cats and squirrels, chewing furniture and causing general mayhem. My tongue is registered as a licking weapon in 4 states and unpleasant body odors are my specialty
Steve, "The Brawn"
Pretty much the same as Daisy, without the chewing furniture thing...
About BBNP-Antiques
My name is Steve and I own and operate the business. Selling antiques started out as a hobby, which just grew and grew into just a fun way to be very busy daily. I dig through attics, basements, barns and more to find some very neat pieces of history around New York, Pennsylvania and even Canada. I have sold items found from the Revolutionary war including officers breast plates, A Civil War Bible with letter indicating it was found amongst the dead and dying at a Battle by a NY Cavalry Colonel, who after the War tracked down the original owner, still alive and kicking and piloting an Erie Canal Riverboat, cannon quills from the War of 1812, Hudson Bay Trading Co 17c tokens, Fine Art from World reknowed artists, sold photos of long lost relatives back to family members, reunited one family with a signed book by an great aunt, even sold a childs report card back to the now adult man's wife. This makes it fun for me and fun for those who shop here. 
I enjoy what I do and are sure you will enjoy your experience here, as my many customers on Ebay and Amazon have done since 2002.
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Enjoying what I do shows in the way I interact with clients!